(Posting tentang contoh ide kreatif cerita) ‘Ramadan Sinta’ adalah tentang kecintaan seorang belia bernama Sinta terhadap bulan Ramadan dengan segala amalan dan pahala besarnya. Namun ini masih ditimpali dengan kehidupan dunia gaulnya yang tidak dapat berhenti seperti berpakaian modis untuk dikomentari kelihatan cantik, mengikuti forum pengajian gaul, tutor hijab gaul, […]

Ramadan Sinta

(An article on a team of distinguished lecturers caught plagiarizing) You can be sure that your work is of significance when it is plagiarized, they say. So, with the year 2020 approaching its end, I found still another act of plagiarism towards my paper (Antoni 2003). It was committed by […]

A Team of Distinguished Lecturers Caught Plagiarizing

(A short article on types of translation) From Newmark (1988: 45), it can safely be concluded that translation is a process of matching ideas in a source language (SL) with their equivalents in a given target language (TL) in such a way that there exists an ‘equivalent effect’ on the […]

On Types of Translation

(A posting on a foreign professor who misunderstood me) So, for the umpteenth time, I presented a paper again at the LIA ICLC 2018 at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta. One important highlight of my presentation, which discussed plagiarism in the ICT and digital world, featured one Ph.D-holding senior […]

Foreign Professor Misunderstood Me

(Posting tentang seorang Ph.D sebagai tangkapan terbesar kasus plagiarisme) Terkait isu plagiarisme, capaian terbesar saya sampai sejauh ini adalah menangkap seorang Ph.D perguruan tinggi Afrika yang memplagiat (hampir) utuh (verbatim) tulisan ilmiah saya. Beliau sudah saya tuntut. Dua jurnal ilmiah internasional pemuat tulisan plagiat beliau sudah saya beritahukan. Tulisan plagiatnya […]

Seorang Ph.D: Tangkapan Terbesar Kasus Plagiarisme

(A presentation paper originally; left as such; published in the journal LINGUA) INTRODUCTION Plagiarism is more rampant and pervasive today. Not only students but also lecturers commit plagiarism. This is especially so in today’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital world with the culprit simply finding information from various […]

Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing in the ICT ...

(A posting on a seminar or conference abstract category 1) Teaching writing is teaching students to be able to write their own ideas of their own thinking following the writing mechanics suited to the writing genre required. In today’s ICT and digital world, more importantly, teaching writing should especially go with […]

Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing in the ICT ...

(A posting on teaching students product writing vs process writing) When it comes to teaching students writing, there exist 2 kinds we can teach: product writing and process writing. Product writing is writing based on a given writing genre product that we teach students to follow. It usually takes one […]

Teaching Students Product Writing Vs Process Writing

(A posting on writing abstracts for conference presentations and whole papers) When talking about sending ideas for conference presentations, we have 2 kinds of abstract to write—this learning from the many abstracts I’ve written, sent, and had accepted (this last one a passive causative) for the said purpose: 1. the […]

Writing Abstracts for Conference Presentations and Whole Papers