critical thinking skills

(A posting on NE—NASBAT English also being the Center for Critical Thinking) Critical thinking is one important skill that must be trained. It is an ability that cannot be acquired naturally; it should be nurtured in education. And as (critical) thinking is realized in language—and, therefore, they both are intertwined, […]

Center for Critical Thinking

(Posting tentang pelatihan kemampuan berpikir kritis) Bahasa Inggris sekarang bukan lagi keahlian saklek (skill) tapi sudah merupakan alat (tool). Karenanya ia tidak layak lagi digunakan hanya untuk bersosialisasi dan berkomunikasi saja. Bahasa Inggris sekarang harus dapat digunakan untuk berargumentasi dan melawan, yaitu melawan orang-orang dan berbagai informasi yang palsu (hoax) […]

Pelatihan Kemampuan Berpikir Kritis

(A posting on attacking young liberal Muslims) There is nothing wrong with Islam; there is everything right about Islam. What could be wrong is how some Muslims interpret Qur’anic verses of rules—that are fixed—with ijtihad or logic or critical thinking. So now we have the following, for example, as a […]

Attacking Young Liberal Muslims

(A posting on being knowledgeable about things other than our expertise) Indulging ourselves in our respective fields of expertise in a professional way does not erase the fact that we should be knowledgeable about bigger issues that surround ourselves on a larger scale in this world. Especially specially for us […]

Being Knowledgeable about Things Other Than Our Expertise

(A posting on promoting the 4 C’s in English teaching and learning) In a presentation delivered to teachers, I raised a topic on using slides, diagrams, tables, graphs, prompts, etc. of ideas to promote the 4 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) in English teaching and learning. Slides, diagrams, tables, […]

Promoting the 4 C’s in English Teaching and Learning

(A posting on the nature of watching television today; fragment of an article) Watching television today is different from that in the past. In the past there was only one station or channel. And this station was owned by the state, the consequence of which was that the programs and […]

The Nature of Watching Television Today

(A posting on understanding television media representations; fragment of an article) According to Mursito B. M. (–), reality in television is constructed in such a way that it is only chunks of the whole unified event in reality. Chandler (–) asserts that this construction includes such aspects of reality as […]

Understanding How Television Represents Reality: Media Representations

(Posting tentang macam ekspresi bahasa) Dua jenis ekspresi bahasa yang penting dilatih kepada siswa terutama dalam program Bahasa Inggris akademis (Academic English) adalah bahasa tetap (fixed expressions) dan bahasa kreatif (creative language). Yang disebut pertama adalah jenis ekspresi bahasa yang tidak banyak berubah walau masih bisa dimodifikasi panjang-pendeknya dan biasanya […]

Bahasa Tetap Vs Bahasa Kreatif

(A fragment of a paper) Critical thinking is here defined as “reasonable reflective thinking that is focused on what to believe or do” (Ennis 1987: 9-26). Further, Norris and Ennis (1989) proposes dispositions of it. They assert that critical thinkers: – seek a statement of the thesis or question. – […]

On Nurturing Critical Thinking (2)